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The Details:

 Our standard program runs for approximately 3 months and consists of setting traps approximately 10 to 20 traps, in key locations of the lawn. We will set traps on our first visit, to start the trapping process.  Checking/re-trapping is frequent at first and then visits occur every other week for monitoring.  Frequency maybe increased based on the results of the initial control visits. Most of the moles are removed within the first few weeks with minor reinfestations.  After we remove the traps, on our final visit, we allow for a "30 day Risk of Re-infestation". If we have activity within those 30 days, we will re-trap for an additional 30 days. We require half of the programs cost upfront to get started and the other half due 30 days after trapping has begun. This program is very effective and we guarantee to remove all moles in the yard, during trapping coverage.  Fill out our yellow info box to the and we will contact  you with a price to service your property.

We also have programs 6 month and 9 month, annual coverage programs available


How We Are Different Than Most Services: 

We find the pricing of our competition to be confusing or missleading.  Most companies will charge two seperate prices for this service. One, for intially setting up the traps and one or many others, based on how many moles are actually caught in the lawn.  We charge a flat rate for a trapping moles based on a set period of time.  We do not up charge for our services, we only select a period of time you would like to be protected.


When we service, we will:

  • Meet with homeowner, if available.
  • (Initial Set-up)  Access damage to the property and determine the difference between feeding and traveling runs.
  • Determine which traps will work best for the property.  
  • Install traps in accordance with the on-site evaluation. Targeting key areas of travel and nesting.
  • (Returning Visit) Survey traps and remove all caught vermin.  We will reset traps in existing areas and areas of new activity 
  • Ensure all traps are set correctly and safely marked for homeowner, kids, pets, neighbors, and lawn service.
  • Push down feeding runs to help document new mole activity, on furture visits.
  • Apply replants, if using any.
  • Monitor all runs overall for the duration of the coverage. Tracking new ones and identifying when old runs have been abandoned. 




Please note that we are not responsible for damage to buried items.  Buried items include, but are not limited to:  invisible dog fences; underground sprinkling lines, valves, wires, and heads; utility lines; cable lines; landscape lighting; or drain tile.  In order to set our traps, we cut slices in the ground that can be as deep as 6 inches.  If you have an invisible dog fence it is recommended that you flag it since fences are usually only buried 1 to 2 inches down.