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Your Horticulture Specialists

Lawn Wranglers is a local company, based in the St. Louis Metro East area, that focuses on customer satisfaction and is dedicated to quality. Established in 2003, we has grown significantly, yet strategically, as we looks to provide the best lawn and landscaping services in the Metro East. To make sure these services out perform our competitions, we consult with university and respected horticulture specialists to fine tune our applications, enhance our techniques, and stay many steps ahead of the slower, corporate-driven competition. We has one goal in mind. To provide our clients, with the right services, at a competitive price.

Our Mission

Quality, Dependability, and Value are our core principles.  We understand, money spent with us is a direct investment into your home. We strive to stay away from under priced, high pressure driven sales, as well as cheap, ineffective products, delivering each and every client the best value and highest quality, they can invest into their home. At Lawn Wranglers, our passion for true and natural horticultural solutions to your lawn and landscaping issues, sets us miles apart from our money-hungry competitors. Each client has a unique problem, and each of our solutions is designed to transform your lawn and landscaping from the soil up.

Looking To The Future

Lawn Wranglers never stops learning and implementing. Unlike other landscape companies, that have been doing the same thing for years, we strive to keep our solutions, in step with the advancements of science and creativity.  The most influencial service we have established is compost topdressing.  This is an outside the box approach to lawn care. While granular fertility programs can be effective to build a thick, green lawn, compost topdressing quite literally takes your lawn to a whole new level.  It is a labor intensive process that incorporates tons of organic matter into your soil, establishing your lawn from the soil up. We never settle for solutions that are not 100% beneficial for you and your lawn.